Janny, Lisa, Debby and Michelle are 12 years old when they leave home. The "Elite School of Sport" at Frankfurt/Oder, a boarding school in East German tradition is where they move to. They grow up in a strict corset of training schedules, weight classes and pressure to perform. Being wrestlers, they all dream of a championship title, though off the mat, each girl fights her very own battle: Janny is searching for her standing within the group, Debby fights her own expectations, Lisa is homesick and Michelle quarrels with her weight.

The documentary WIN BY FALL follows the wrestlers trying to find their place, as well as away from competitive rankings.



DIRECTOR Anna Koch SCRIPT Anna Koch & Julia Lemke DOP Julia Lemke MONTAGE Martin Reimers & Henrike Dosk PRODUCTION Anna Wendt & Fabian Winkelmann  PRODUCER Jolanka Höhn & Romana Janik SOUND-DESIGN Jana Irmert MIXDOWN Jan Pasemann SOUND Alexandra Praet SCORE Kurt Koch & Jana Irmert TITLESONG interpreted by Luise Makarov  


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Director's Profile

Anna Koch and Julia Lemke have been working as a team since their time at German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). They started out as a classic director-camera-duo and found the strength within their collaboration while shooting the long-term documentary WIN BY FALL. Ever since then they are working as a unit and will from now on direct films together.

Director's Note (Extract)

We accompanied the wrestlers over a period of four years: From the day they moved to boarding school up to their first fight on the international stage. From the awkward first trainings to confident performances in big arenas. An intense time, both for the girls and for us. Perseverance and tenacity were traits needed both in front of and behind the camera in order to overcome motivation gaps and defeats, thus to return with a black eye to the mat.

And so WIN BY FALL is a film about just that: Girls giving everything. Who hope, fight, cry and kiss dust; and who always, really always get back up.